Who Benefits?


Is there real benefit in AWS?


  • Reduced feature deployment cycle to days instead of months.
  • Dramatically reduced wasted OpEx by enabling teams to develop and innovate autonomously with AWS Cloud Formation vs. traditional infrastructure bureaucracy.
  • Enhanced customer experience with real-time analytics serviced by AWS streaming data and massively scalable database services.
  • Reduced average application TCO by 52%
  • Now running more than 350 applications in the AWS Cloud.
  • Complex data analytics turnaround reduced from 100 days to under 2 weeks.
  • Realized significant ongoing savings through increased visibility into workload utilization trends and management.

The Cloud isn’t just for big business

Power to the People

  • Serves +700k media files, books, and images globally to millions of patrons using AWS services
  • Elastic computing and auto scaling systems allows NYPL to seamlessly absorb massive spikes in traffic when large public interest events like the eclipse occur.
  • Website and code updates have had deployment windows reduced by 95%.
  • Extremely low-cost environment deployments means ideas can be tested and validated with very little cost, empowering constant innovation.
  • Using AWS’s Internet of Things capabilities along side Big Data analytics to collect and analyze data in real-time from Parkinson’s patients wearable technology.
  • Global distribution capabilities allows teams from around the world to instantly access information and gain insight using vast distributed data lakes.
  • Dynamic spot-fleet computing provides tremendous cost savings by allowing the business to analyze tremendous amounts of data when compute cycles are cheapest.