What is the AWS Cloud?

The AWS Cloud is: Powerful

Innovation on tap

Using Cloud Formation templates, entire environments from compute and storage, to databases and load balancers, can be deployed in seconds, giving your teams the ability to develop new ideas and validate software upgrades in minuets, not days.

Leverage robust big data services like Elastic Map Reduce in conjunction with AWS Kinesis without the need to deploy and manage complex infrastructure and licensing.

The AWS Cloud is: Elastic

Right sized, always

Trying to strike a balance between resource availability and CapEx investment inevitably leads to:

Overprovisioned, underutilized systems


Oversubscribed, poor preforming applications

Mercifully, the days of trying to predict the future are over! By leveraging auto-scaling groups, you can dynamically grow and shrink your environment in real time in response to monitored metrics to meet the actual needs of your business. Giving you the capacity and power you need, when you need it, and cost savings when you don’t.

The AWS Cloud is: Extensive

Rethink what’s possible

Far beyond simple cloud computing, AWS provides an unmatched catalog of systems and services to enhance and empower your business. From Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, to real time data analytics and world-wide contention distribution networks, there’s almost no end to what you can do.

Stemming from an ever growing network of datacenters distributed throughout the globe, AWS has the ability to bring your business services directly to your consumers, wherever in the world they may be.